Smoo スムー 引戸システム 廃盤


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  Smoo Sliding Door System Smoo  

  KIC Original Products















●It is easily installed by a screwdriver using tha same cabinet of overlay

hinged door.

●After depressing the top rail guide, the sliding doors are installed from

the front along with the top rail and the bottom rail.

●The thickness of a systems is as thin as 30mm, and it becomes uniform

with the surface of the hinged door of both the side.

●Smoo sliding doors move quietly and smoothly because tha ball bearings

are mounted in the bottom roller.

●Since the bottom rail is designed by the from of V, dust can be swept

out easily.

●Since the bottom roller has a vertical abjustment function, the levelness

of a sliding door can be finely tuned after installation.

●The feeling of Closing the door is smooth and does not rebound.











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